"The Times They Are A-Changin"

Lewis Advantage Has Moved

Lewis Mechanical Group has a new website.

And we’re keepin’ up by giving you a smoother surfing experience with our 2 new websites!

If it’s a residential vibe you’re after, then you’re going to love the ease and simplicity of our newly branded site.

Everything you need is right up front and personally designed, so it’s a breeze for you to keep your beautiful home, well, beautiful.

Visit the New Residential Site

Need Commercial Services?

Lewis Mechanical

If it’s a more commercial vibe you seek, click here to see everything that relates to your business, restaurant, light industrial plant, or retail business.

After 50 years, we know how to keep your business running smoothly - so that your customers are always happy.

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Lewis Mechanical and Lewis MacLean Serves the lower mainland area including
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